Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Coaster Calendars

Yaaaay!  I finally had a chance to update my blog!

At the last Meade Girls Shoe Box Swap, one of the cards wasn't a card, but rather a cute little desk-top calendar made from plain ol' cardboard coaster that you cover with designer paper and embellish, etc. 

I really liked it, so I decided to make one for each of my co-workers (coasters courtesy of Outback Steakhouse....thanks Outback!).

The little calendars can be purchased at Impress Rubber Stamps.  By the way, I want to give a shout-out to Impress....they sent me my order, and a couple days later I got another package from them, but it was someone else's order (a rubber stamp).  They told me to go ahead and keep it!  Whooohooo!


  1. Very cute! I had intended to make some more, too, but that hasn't happened! You can also get the calendars in various sizes from

  2. Very cute! They make such nice little gifts.

  3. Love them. Unexpected surprises are the best.

  4. Just noticed the "Despirate Housedogs" lable. Cute