Monday, August 22, 2011

Ribbon Challenge #1

Notice I titled this with a "#1" because I hope we do more - it was a lot of fun.

Prior to the last Ft. Meade Shoe Box Swap, we were all sent a yard of this green/brown/orange/white ribbon, and we were asked to make a card using any or all of the ribbon.  We were to bring the un-named/un-signed card to the swap where all of the attendees would vote for their favorite.  The winner got to take home ALL of the cards.

This is my submission.  I came in second place.  Amanda won with her amazing creation.  You can see all of the cards here: "Stamp Me" - Amanda's card is the second one down.  It's much more striking in person than in the photo.  It was very cool what she did with her ribbon to create the flower.



  1. Love the clown image, great job on the coloring!

  2. I voted for this card! ;) Love the image and love the way you colored it. Great use of the ribbon, too!!