Monday, December 12, 2011

Christmas Card Mini Swap

On December 10th, five of us girlz got together for a mini Christmas Card swap at my neighbor's home.  We each brought 20 kits - so everyone could make 5 cards of each design (not counting their own).   Everyone left with 20 awesome Christmas cards :)
Marsha's card

Angie's card: CASEd from the Laurel Shoe Box Swap

Davina's card

Denise's card: CASEd from a previous Shoe Box Swap

Vicki's card


  1. These are great Angie. Bet it was fun. Rose

  2. Great cards!! Glad you had such a fun time!! Now if only you can get those cards addressed!! :) Says she who hasn't done hers, yet!

  3. These are beautiful, I really love that image!!!! Great job!
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