Monday, March 19, 2012

Decorative Cigar Box #5

On Saturday, February 11, 2012, a bunch of us girlz got together at my friend Gloria's house to make a Paper Bag Album.  It was a blast!   Later...someone mentioned making a matching Decorative Cigar I did :)

And here it is, along with my Paper Bag Album:

Paper:  6x6 Lost & Found Two by Jen Allyson - Rosy Designer Cardstock Paper and a couple of larger matching sheets found at Michaels.


  1. Sooooo nice. Rose

  2. Beautiful. Great job on both.

  3. Angie, that is really really lovely. Why don't I just have you do mine??????? I am not so coordinated......

  4. This is beautiful and what a great idea with the cigar box! I love mini albums and I think I'll give that a try and make a matching cigar box with my next mini. Thanks for sharing. I ran across some of your work on pinterest and decided I wanted to start following your blog. I love the dress with the dolly.