Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Decorative Cigar Box #6

One of these days, I really will get back to doing some cards :)

BUT...for are stuck with altered cigar least until after I teach the class in a couple of weeks...been practicing ya know?!

Below is another box using the Recollections Union Square Plaza stack.  I still need to bling the top out a little, but not sure what I want to do.  It's a wedding gift for a friend in Alabama (Roll Tide! - or something like that - I think she said she's doing her bedroom in the red and black color combination), so I am thinking about adding a blinged out initial of her new last name in the upper left corner area.  I also need to remember to sign the bottom.

I did decide to bling out the top with her new initial and some blingy parts leftover from another blingie thingie I used on another box :)

And yes....I've already started another friends want to do an!


  1. Very nice, as usual! I think the new initial would be a nice touch. Rose

  2. Amazing beautiful! My favorite one so far. Stunning!

  3. You are the Queen of altered cigar boxes Angie! This one is as gorgeous as all of the rest! I think the initial would be perfect. Can't wait until you teach us on the 14th.

  4. All of your boxes are so beautiful! I'm with Paula- I think the initial would be perfect for the top!! Can't wait till the 14th!!!

  5. I second or third the idea of the inital. This box is beautiful

  6. How did you attach the legs to the box?