Monday, April 23, 2012

I've been published!

After reading enough of the card magazines and seeing the cards in them, I thought, "I can do that" - so I submitted a couple of cards a looooong time ago, and forgot about them.

Then...I get emails from my friends (some of whom have already been published themselves) congratulating me for having my cards published!  I said, "what????"   Yup...the 2 cards I submitted made it into the Volume 25, Spring 2012 edition of "Just Cards!" magazine.   Both are in the "Special Section!  Amazing Animals!"  You can find them on pages 107, 108, and 112/113.  They both made it onto the main Animal Section page too....very cool.  My cards is the one smack dab in the center of the Animal Cards page and a little bit of the other one is showing just to the right of it.

I think I'll keep trying until I get the cover!  LOL!

Below lower right hand corner is my card -
the one with the little girl walking the Westie :)


  1. Congratulations!!!! I'm so happy for you!! This is awesome!! YEAHHH!!

  2. A BIG congrats, Angie!!! I've had one cover and it's pretty cool to pull the magazine out of the envelope and see your own card staring back at you!! Good luck! I know you'll have more cards published!!!