Thursday, August 15, 2013

Cigar Box #20 - Steampunk - Published!

I've been waiting all year to share these creations - but I needed to wait until the publication came out!  Here it is!  First time one of my cigar boxes made it into a magazine :)

When Scott Publications put out the call for submissions for their upcoming issue of "Just Steampunk," I had to do some reasearch to figure out what exactly is "Steampunk."  I gotta tell's strange!  Nevertheless, I was game.  The box looks much cooler in person.

All paper used is from the Hot Off The Press Steampunk Paper Pack.  The gears used on top of the box are from Forum Novelties Steampunk Bag of Gears.

So, then I made some coordinating cards out of the scrap paper leftover from the cigar box.  I just love the startburst cards for using scraps.

This card is actually a shaker card.  It's hard to see, but I used the packaging from a pack of brads or something - can't remember what was originally encased.  The shaker contains little gears, etc., (Lisa Pavelko Steampunk Micro Elements).

And here is the magazine!  My cigar box is on Page 62, and my cards are on Page 96.



  1. Girl, you are really getting into being published. Love it. Rose

    1. It's fun! It's all Amanda's fault :)

  2. Well, check you out. Congratulations. It is beautiful.